Post Acute Care and Short Term Rehab

Offering State of the Art Rehab Equipment

What's Rehab?

Post Acute Care

Post-Acute refers to the level of care provided after an injury, illness, or hospitalization. Beechwood is able to provide a number of specialized services to help you recover and safely return home. We are able to provide medical and rehab support from basic joint replacements to complex medical situations which are more appropriate to care for at Beechwood rather than at home.

Short term Rehab

Short term Rehab helps you recover from a medical procedure or illness typically after a hospital stay. We strive to have you return home safely and prevent re-injury. Short Term Rehabilitation length varies and can last a few days to weeks depending on the complexity of care required.
Our goal is to return you to a maximal level of safe and independent living in the community.

Bungee Mobility Trainer and Sit-To-Stand Trainer

The new Bungee Mobility Trainer is a hit with our Therapists and our Patients. Here, you can see one of our out-patient's working on his balance and coordination. The Bungee Mobility Trainer provides peace of mind to the patient, because they know they won't fall while working with it. Beechwood Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is the only Skilled Nursing Facility in the area that you will find this amazing piece of equipment!
The Sit-To-Stand Trainer, uses a counter-weight motion to provide graduated support of the standing and sitting motion. This has really been great for our rehab patients to increase their ability to stand up. It also provides a way for our Therpaists to objectively see concrete improvements from day to day.