About Us

Family owned and Operated since 1955

Who We Are?

Our History

When you pull up to Beechwood, you know this is not your typical Rehabilitation or Skilled Nursing Facility. Located in historic New London, Beechwood started as a majestic mansion built in 1898 by the Newcombe family. Mr. Newcombe was a shipbuilder, who also owned a general store. In 1954, the mansion was purchased and converted into a small nursing home, originally housing up to 45 residents.

In 1979, William G. White was hired as Administrator, and eventually purchased the business. A modern addition was built with careful attention to detail, ensuring that the design would blend in and complement the original building. However it was also designed to provide state of the art medical care to short term patients in a unique and stunning setting. The original building houses the Administration, Offices, Dining, Recreation, Meditation, Hospitality Suite and Personal Care Salon. The new building consists of two floors of resident rooms, accommodating up to 60 people, as well as our 3,100 square foot fully equipped Rehab Treatment and Training Center.

Our Team

  Medical Staff

  • Medical Director: Lauren Doherty, MD
  • Ingrid Feder, MD
  • Physiatrist: Joseph Peters, MD
  • Wound Specialist: Hisham Al-Arshani, MD

Care Coordination Team

  • CEO: William G. White
  • President/Administrator: William E. White
  • Director of Nurses: Lynn Welge, RN