Our Services - Out-Patient Rehab

Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapy
Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists from our rehabilitation team will be working hand in hand with our physicians, nurses, nutritionists, and social workers to strive for a speedy recovery and discharge home. Utilizing our 3,100 square foot rehab treatment and training center with state of the art equipment, we have one of the best facilities in Southeastern Connecticut.
Beechwood’s physical therapy program is designed to:
  • Evaluate strength, coordination, sensation and flexibility
  • Develop a personal program of exercises, mobility training and education
  • Introduce techniques and devices to best treat conditions. Examples are: hydrotherapy, hydrocollator, cardio equipment, passive motion machines, ultrasound, electrodes, Biodex Balance and OmniCycle
  • Restore movement and range of motion
  • Prevent further injury or illness
Therapists work closely with patients to develop creative solutions, which enable them to continue on with their lives. This is done by:
  • Using adaptive devices
  • Learning new ways to carry out everyday tasks
  • Addressing psychological, social and environmental functioning
  • Developing methods and tools using good ergonomics: stress reduction exercises and ways to manage pain enabling the patient to go back to work
  • Reaching the ultimate goal: getting on with life
The speech therapy program is designed to create an individualized treatment plan with long term and short term goals. The therapist will:
  • Evaluate communication, cognition and swallowing issues
  • Develop collaborative strategies with the patient, family and staff to compensate for memory loss
  • Create exercises to improve the strength of speech and swallowing muscles
  • Teach the patient and family techniques to improve communication despite limited verbal expression

Beechwood offers Outpatient Rehab to all in the community, and is VA approved to provide care to our Veterans.